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Model Number: OK4001, Properties: Orthopedic Surgical Instruments, Type: Saw, Color: Silver , Black, Main material: Stainless steel



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With a 2 year warranty, this fully autoclavable sagittal saw comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, charger, sterile sleeve and cleaning brush.


It also includes 5 blades, ideal for use with Joint / Amputation surgery.


With a soft trigger, and an operating speed of 0 – 20000rpm, it has a charge time of around two hours with usage time of around 60 minutes.




Output power ≥90w
Weight ( Handpiece + Battery ) 1.33KG
Oscillations (osc/min) 0~20000
Charging Time 50-120mins
Operation(V) voltage 14.4v
Sterilization 135°C
Swings (°)
Noise(db) ≤70


Function & Detail :

Oscillating / Sagittal Saw Set OK4001:



Consumable Accessory:

Blades Common Size Pictures
Saw Blades 90*14*1.0mm  
Saw Blades 90*20*1.0mm
Saw Blades90*20*1.2mm


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